WanakŠn is a Not-for-profit community clearing-house for the promotion and preservation of Taino heritage and culture.

Our mission is to promote and preserve the heritage, history, and richness of Taino culture, which is part of the fabric of the culture and legacy of our Caribbean homelands.

Our programs provide a structured, disciplined, and creative environment for learning, educational development, personal growth, and success.

Our staff has a life-long commitment to fostering a universally constructive environment that promotes peace, justice, excellence, and mutual respect.

About Us

Founded in 1995 in NYC, WanakŠn (meaning ďour centerĒ in Tainey) has been working in collaboration with the Taino Nation of the Antilles, to achieve its mission of promoting and preserving Taino culture.

From day one, WanakŠn has served the public with numerous cultural workshops ranging from artisanry, music and dance, to language and history, as well as the Taino resurgence and its impact on contemporary Caribbean identity and culture.

WanakŠn has also published the longest running Taino publication, the Boletin Informativo newsletter, along with various other literary works relating to the restoration movement in order to ensure that the concerns, issues, and developments affecting Taino people are known; and that the voice of Taino people be heard.

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